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"The Magnificent Mysterious World"

-Minimalistic Artistic Photography-

by benjamin kutay

Welcome to my world of minimalistic fine art photography!


I am proud to offer a wide array of custom photography services and custom art. Everything is tailored to your unique requests and I am happy to work with you from the capture of the image to the final presentation. 


what you see in my photography actually exists in the real world as I saw it. nothing is staged and everything is captured in the moment the photo was taken.


I pride myself in having a keen eye and curious sense of how I see the world. I choose to present my photography with a careful, curated touch to bring out the subjects best presentation that matches how to display the art. 

In my Showcase, you can find a collection of photos that has made it to the pinnacle of my work i.e. being a fully realized piece of fine art. Or in my collections, you can find new inspirations that I am proud to share. Come back often to check on how my world is evolving.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the journey I take you on! 


-The world is a truly magnificent place- 

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